Shopping Frenzy

Search your way through this shopaholic spending spree!


Gem Invasion

Don't be distracted by the rows of sparkling jewels! They're coming for you...


Personal Shopper 6

Macy has her sights set on a new shopping challenge: wedding accessories!


Follow Your Dream

The search for your dream job stops here.


Secret Book 2

Celine and Ian thought their quest was over—but their adventures have only just begun...


Secret Book 3

The final mysteries in a quest will be revealed in this last chapter of the exciting series.


Daily Sudoku

Get your daily dose of a few of the world’s toughest brainteasers.


Diamonds Multiplayer

In this match-3 multiplayer game, you need to out-mine your opponent with some quick diamond shuffling!



Put your wits to the test as you take on other players in this multiplayer puzzle game!


Gems of Olympus

Who will be the master of gems...? Find out in this multiplayer match-3 game!



Ita€™s a level playing field when everyone has seven as their lucky number! Add up as soon as you can to beat other...


Harvest Honors

This strategic multiplayer Match-3 game is fertile grounds for cultivating your competitive spirit!


Through the Cave: Episode 2

Join the wizard on another magical quest through a cave filled with tons of icky monsters.


Salt Monsters

These monsters are a little bit salty, but you can probably handle ‘em…


Puzzle Ball

The clock is ticking. Can you get this ball into the hole before time runs out?


Sliding Cubes

Can you put these crazy cubes in all the right spots?

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